allow flexible naming of main account types

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Started by simonmichael on Mar 23, 2017.

1. I will implement the one-line accounts directive at

2. I will adapt the bs/is/cf commands to use it

3. I will adapt the query language to allow searching by account type

4. I will write documentation and tests

* This issue will take approximately 4 days to finish after funding is completed


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High-level commands like balancesheet/incomestatement/cashflow, and more parts of hledger in future, need to know which accounts are assets, liabilities, equity, revenues, and expenses. Until now this has been done with hard-coded anglo-centric account name patterns. We need to support names in other languages.

The current plan is to write account directives for the top-level accounts and define the account type there. Eg:

account aktivum
  type: A

account forpliktelse 
  type: L

account aksje
  type: Q

account omsetning 
  type: R

account utgift
  type: E

Ie an account tag named type, which would also apply to subaccounts.

Can we foresee any usability issues ? Any other ideas ?

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