Crowd-funding DocPad v7 (no analytics, semver plugins, javascript conversion, abstract core)

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Started by balupton on Mar 20, 2017.

If funding is successful I will move to Asia for 3 months, where I can keep costs lowest and spend each day knocking off the tasks in this issue. The requested $4,000 covers the costs and is not competitive.

* This issue will take approximately 60 days to finish after funding is completed


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I keep getting tweets and messages from the loyal DocPad community, however unless there is funding, maintenance will be lacking. I've got a roadmap up on - however, there isn't funding happening there, even after nearly a year of being there. So I'm thinking an official crowd-funding campaign may be the way to go.

The tasks that will complete with funding:

  • #1041 - remove newsletter, analytics, error reporting
  • #1046 - convert from coffeescript to javascript => better tooling, larger contributor base
  • #691 - semver plugins => plugins can now do breaking changes, such as updating their rendering dependency version, without breaking existing docpad installs, allowing plugin development to flourish - plugins will also be able to support multiple docpad major versions - meaning the transition to a DocPad v7 will be easy
  • #1045 - update dependencies

The tasks that will be started with funding:

  • - abstracted core => easier core maintenance as core will be smaller, server can now be a plugin, so plugins can target which server they want, e.g. express v4, or express v3
  • #336 - track which documents reference which => super fast rendering with complicated references

Why not just do these already? These all take considerable time - months - to do. These will also be breaking changes during development, with an easy migration path, if not complete backwards compatibility afterwards - but during dev, things may break - which means a lot of testing, and a lot of infrastructure stuff. I'd also like to ensure that the work is actually going to be worth doing, rather than just making the lives of a few easier, as multiple months of work is a notable investment, that I want to make sure is going to a worthwhile investment. Doing 3 months of work unpaid, for something that may not help anyone, is not too appealing.

Considering we would want to avoid crowd-funding service fees, we would probably have to create our own / implement our own crowd-funding campaign. As this takes time, I would want to know if anyone is actually interested in implementing such a thing.

The ideal target for this batch of work will be $30,000USD - however if we can get even $10,000USD this will provide a lot of headway.

If you think yourself or your company can get behind making DocPad up to date, with semver plugins, and an abstracted core, email or post a comment below, with how much you think your company can sponsor.