We're on a mission to support the people behind your favorite open source projects.

We believe in the advancement of technology through open source. To make that happen, open source projects should have the resources they need to thrive. The developers behind these impactful projects are the backbone of the community. Our goal is to ensure that their efforts and good will are acknowledged and rewarded. They should be allowed to pursue their passion projects free of stress on their personal time and finances.

Unpaid maintainers become overwhelmed when they have limited time and resources to dedicate to their open source project.

The problem

Open source projects may become dormant or even abandoned due to a lack of resources. Maintainers may not have the time required to meet the demands of the project, or their motivation may be waning. Community members often underestimate the time and effort put in by the Maintainer and place unreasonable demands on them.

Codefund provides a way to gather funding and capital needed to make open source projects more sustainable.

The solution

With minimal effort, CodeFund allows developers to raise capital to fix issues or add new features. It creates no additional maintenance tasks, requires no marketing, and keeps the maintainer in control of their funds. The setup is extremely simple and maintainers can start collecting funds in minutes. With additional resources, maintainers will have a renewed motivation for their projects.

We share the same good will principles as the Open Source community. Donors entrust the maintainer to follow through with their commitments. Likewise, the maintainers hold themselves to a moral standard to accomplish what is promised.

Made possible by developers like you!

Set up a CodeFund for your open source project, or get involved with someone else's by providing tangible resources that will improve its sustainability. Link your GitHub account to get started.

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