Accelerate your open source project towards sustainability.

With CodeFund, project maintainers can raise capital from the community, providing renewed time and resources to continue development.

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Community members can donate funds to support project maintainers and help open source projects reach sustainability.

What is CodeFund?

CodeFund is a simple GitHub integration that allows developers to raise capital to fix issues or add new features. It creates no additional maintenance tasks, requires no marketing, and keeps the maintainer in control of their funds. The setup is extremely simple and maintainers can start collecting funds in minutes.

Community members can monitor the progress of the codefund.

Who benefits from CodeFund?

Project maintainers will receive the funds they need to continue development on their open source projects.

Project Maintainers

Funding incentivizes maintainers to dedicate more time and resources to their projects. Funds give value to the maintainer's work, providing the community with insight into the extent of their efforts. With CodeFund the burden of project maintenance is shared with the community.

Contributors will benefit because the maintainer will have more time to address pull requests.


Maintainers have more time to acknowledge the efforts of their contributors. This relieves frustration and improves communication within the community.

Community members will be able to donate tangible contributions towards the open source project to help support the maintainer.

Community Members

Community members are empowered to make tangible contributions to support open source projects beyond just a thumbs up or comment.

Corporate sponsors will have a quick and easy way to accelerate the open source projects they depend upon.

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsors can quickly fund the projects that they depend upon. This accelerates the progress of the project while giving back to the community, and improves the sponsor's reputation with developers.

How does it work?

1. Create a Fund

Just choose an issue, set a funding goal and approximate how long it will take to fix.

CodeFund will automatically post a comment on the GitHub issue to show that a fund is available.

2. Announce on GitHub

A comment is automatically posted on GitHub under that issue announcing your fund.

CodeFund will automatically post a comment on the GitHub issue to show that a fund is available.

3. Collect Donations

Community members can follow a link to your fund's page and donate any amount.

CodeFund will automatically post a comment on the GitHub issue to show that a fund is available.

Made possible by developers like you!

Set up a CodeFund for your open source project, or get involved with someone else's by providing tangible resources that will improve its sustainability. Link your GitHub account to get started.

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